Mission Statement

We envision, design, develop, and implement advanced computing & data strategies & solutions for science and society.


About Us

The advent of powerful and pervasive computing technologies and the generation and collection of massive digital data present an unprecedented opportunity to understand and improve our world: our health and well-being, our communities and cities, our businesses and organizations, and our understanding of our society and world.

Vizias is a technology strategies & solutions company with an intense focus on advancing science and leveraging advanced computing and data techniques and solutions  that impact and improve society. Our name comes from the Esperanto word for *envision.* (‘Esperanto’ itself means ‘one who hopes.’) We are a small team of experienced computing and communications experts that are passionately hopeful for a better world. We envision technology strategies & solutions to make it better—and then work with our network of partners and collaborators to design, develop, and deliver these solutions.

Vizias was founded in 2014 by longtime advanced computing leader Jay Boisseau and entrepreneur, educator, and PR/communications expert Allison Warner.


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Our Values

We believe computing & technology innovations lead to solving the big problems in health, energy, economic development, and workforce training.
We choose the best partners and professionals to work with to deliver solutions.
We love our great city and all that it has to offer, so we contribute to our community as much as we can.
We believe in closing the economic gap and contributing to the creation of opportunities for everyone.
We believe education is fundamental to improving society.